singingpickle (singingpickle) wrote in modelcouture,

Model Polaroids (D-H)

Daiane Conterato

Daria Werbowy

Darla Baker

Daul Kim

Denisa Dvorakova

Diana Dondoe

Diana Moldovan

Drielle Valeretto

Doutzen Kroes

Emina Cunmalaj

Ekaterina Kashyntseva

Ekaterina Kiseleva

Elise Crombez

Elyse Taylor

Erin Heatheron

Erin Wasson

Eugenia Volodina

Felicity Gilbert

Flavia de Oliveira

Freja Beha

Gemma Ward

Georgia Frost

Han Hye Jin

Hana Soukupova

Heather Marks


Hilary Rhoda

Hye Park

Model Polaroids (A-C) here:
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Doutzen is a wreck without photoshop.
I second that.


9 years ago


9 years ago

Heather Marks so cute.

And I kinda like the first photo of Ward. Still dislike her, though.
hey, thanks for doing all of this. it must take a lot of work.
i agree - thanks
i love looking at these
ewww @ felicity gilberts haircut =( her hair used to look so pretty!
it looks like she did it herself. =(
She looks evil D: I'm terrified.
gemmas are amazing.
i really want to know how to do makeup like hers..


June 10 2008, 20:59:11 UTC 9 years ago

darl and bajaaaaa
Heather Marks can rock any hairstyle


June 10 2008, 21:23:08 UTC 9 years ago

Anarexia Girl Parade... I think it is a fucking shame we allow models to be so so skinny...
Georgia and Flavia are stunning without make-up.
They actually look like normal girls! This is a good thing.
freja beha <3
Darla is my favourite.
Feckin' Heartbreakers!
how old is drielle? she looks so young!
seriously! she looks like she's about twelve.


9 years ago

love love love darla, doutzen, and freja. heather looks so cute, too. and i will never like gemma ward, no matter what she does.

also, i am so grossed out by hana's hipbone jutting out in that shot of her in the bathing suit. i can't imagine that's entirely healthy.
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