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welcome to modelcouture, an lj community dedicated to bringing you everything you need about fashion and models.


-promoting communities is not allowed. posts submitted that say "the rest at my journal" or similar will be rejected.
-upload only high quality photos. i'll be the judge on that one, but use common sense. if it's a really bad scanning job, please don't submit it, because i'll just have to delete it.
-please do not hotlink photos that we have uploaded to photobucket

member posting
we encourage members to post entries, but we have to keep the community organized and neat, or it will fall apart. if you are posting, please use the proper format.
-do not post anything in the title area.
-please make the thumbnails 150 in width, and 250 in height.
-for the cut, simply put "more.."
-just above the thumbnails, list all info such as the designer, magazine, and date.
please look to current posts if you have any questions. please be sure to post exactly in this format, or your post will be deleted. just copy and paste the code below and modify where necessary.

you are welcome to post editorials, runway shows, backstage, covers, or posts on one model. however, make sure that it includes young or up-and-coming models.
i will be the one to judge whether they fit into this category, however it should be quite obvious. models such as tyra banks or adriana lima are not to be posted here.
models such as anna selezneva, freja beha, and iekeliene stange are the type that we are focused on.

model identification
we receive lots of entries and comments from members who are confused about the names of models.
If you require help identifying someone, or would like to know something about a model, please feel free to ask by commenting here.
there is no limit to the number of times you can post.

question of the week
we have been doing QOW since the first few days of this community. it's a great way for people to share their opinions on various topics to do with fashion and models.
click here to view the results of past questions in the form of polls, and member comments.

if you are interested in becoming affiliates with modelcouture, and to see a list of our affiliates, click here.

reasons why your entry was deleted
lots of people are complaining that they submitted an entry, but it was deleted. i hate deleting entries because i myself would definitely know how much time it takes to put one together. usually the problems are small and fixable, but i can't wait around for everyone to realize that on their own.
-the photos were very low quality and grainy
-the model is already passed her prime and of a older age
-the thumbnails are the incorrect size
-the information is in the incorrect format (i.e. it's under the thumbnails instead of on top)

credits can be found here.

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